Event Report

Yesterday we had a very intensive stripe test for many of our white belts and two of our blue belts. The test itself took nearly 6 hours to complete; and, it had no scheduled time outs for anything. Everyone involved was a true warrior and provided the Blood – Sweat – and Tears to make it a successful event. We did have one injury (“Blood and Tears” part) and one Gi that received its baptism of blood (“Blood” part); but, although everyone left tired and a little smelly (“Sweat” part), overall, everyone left in one piece.
What we did: The test was conducted “old school” with absolutely not quarters given. Everyone had to demonstrate understanding of the technique verbally; and, demonstrate the technique hands-on. The stripe was awarded to those fighters who earned it by convincing, not only the instructors, but all the other fighters as well. Each individual who tested wrestled everyone else and at the end of their personal test cycle, everyone else provided a thumbs up or thumbs down. In many occasions and, maybe at other MA schools, an individual passes a test to get promoted; at the Predator MMA Academy, YOU EARN YOUR STRIPE from your instructors and from your peers.
Congratulations to: Katerina – Yellow 2nd Stripe; Rob and Mat – White 1st Stripe; Mike and Taylor – White 2nd Stripe; Ben – Blue 1st Stripe; and Daniel – Blue 3rd Stripe. And to everyone else who participated and who did not make it this time.
Thank you all for a very grand, and, successful day.


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